Monday, February 15, 2010

Up to our eyeballs

Well, we’ve had a tiring week running from place to place, still struggling to balance all the aspects of mission life. Sometimes I don’t know if I can do it all, but I guess I just have to do my best right? It’s been a great week anyhow and we have two baptisms this coming weekend! Luis and Erika, I think I’ve already told you about them. Their whole family got to go and see the temple this week with another family from the ward. They were so struck at what it was like and how simply beautiful it was. They talked about it all week. It was so wonderful. I could feel the spirit they brought home from that little visit permeating in their home. As I’ve said before, I love the temple. They are so excited to go after a year and seal their family together.

We found some other really great families this week that want to get baptized as soon as possible. They have a few things they need to do to prepare, but we’ve put dates with them and goals to accomplish so they can. Honestly, we have so much work to do; it’s like the ¨busy season¨ of the mission! I’m feeling a little unable at times, but when I do, I always feel the support of the Lord and know He is there sustaining me in this HIS work. I guess that’s the benefit. It’s not my work, it’s His. Therefore, it will get done. It’s my choice to help or not.

It sounds like all is quite at home again, although all is busy. Ahhhh.... I remember those days I spent with you two old people! Ha-ha! I’m glad you’re keeping busy. That’s always the cure for feeling down. Work really is a universal remedy, especially in the Gospel of Christ. Working and moving forward, if only we all had that attitude. I think I’ve found out more and more that life is SO much more rewarding when you have to not only work, but work HARD. I know I have to find this out even more.

I’ve been reading the Acts this week, about Paul and his missionary journeys. He went all over the place! I love the authority with which he taught and the power of his testimony even in the face of opposition. Sometimes (you know me) I get a little scared and don’t want to offend people to the point where I don’t go for it. However, though we don’t want to get in people’s faces and shout, when I just let the spirit work, I feel the power of the spirit flowing through me like I’m a power cable. I start loving the people and the work even more, and everything just falls into place. I love this work. It has taught me so much.

This past week, we had a Zone Conference with the President about this. He asked us if we are scared to invite people to be baptized. Sometimes we get so scared and we don’t tell the people why we are there, and they lose excitement of their spirit all because we were too shy to tell them why we were there. We have had a goal now to just tell people why we are here. To invite all to come unto Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. It’s really helped us and we hope that we can continue to find more and more people. Even though we have investigators "up to our eyeballs".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Faith and Miracles

It’s been a really awesome week and we are so happy it’s Pday. We are in the bus terminal with a couple of other missionaries, all the other trainers, because the oros (greenies) had to do their doctor paperwork. So, it’s been a really relaxing day so far. Just talking and reminiscing and getting excited. Oh by the way, we have two more baptisms planned and two more dates to put with people so we are looking at four at least. It’s been a pretty tough but very rewarding week. I love this work, even if sometimes I get a little discouraged. The Lord is always there to help us and make us strong.The two people getting baptized are Luis and Erika. Luis is the husband of the woman we baptized about a month ago and her daughter is Erika, 10 years old. They are such a great family, and it’s been a miracle to see how the gospel has truly affected their family in many ways. Luis has quit smoking, and all three of them have had very powerful conversion experiences. More or less, miracles... I love that we still see miracles today. Like it says in Ether 12. If we do not see miracles, it’s because we do not have the faith. Sometimes we don’t have the faith to see them. But the Lord works through small and simple things to bring to pass His mighty purposes.

Other than that, you know... the normal tasks of mission life I guess. Getting up, studying, teaching, WALKING, and bearing our testimonies. I love this work, and every day it’s interesting to find the ideas to make it even more fun. Just talking to everyone, talking about the Book of Mormon in every contact, asking for service, etc...

Well, it’s been raining a lot here. Seriously, a lot! The other day we were doing service in someone’s yard and we were walking back to the house to change, and it DUMPED. I couldn’t see more than a block ahead of us! Luckily we were wearing normal clothes, but the rain continued and let’s just say that I got a little wet. Jacket and all. But it’s been really fun and quite an adventure. It’s been a very tropical summer here, and everyone has been freaking out saying its global warming this or 2012 that. I’m so sick of people quoting Revelations and saying that the end is near. I’m so glad that no matter how hard the earth shakes, the gospel of Christ will stand. Heleman 5:12. If we are built on the rock of Christ, no matter what happens to us, we don’t have to worry. I think that’s also a huge part of what we tell the world as missionaries.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Companion

Well, this week was definitely filled with all sorts of new challenges, both for me and my companion Elder Delbar. He’s from California too. We’ve both been getting to know each other better and he’s been getting his first few blisters and sore feet. Oh how I remember those first few days as well. So much anxiety, but lots of fun. It’s been such a great experience and I’ve already learned a whole lot. I know that this is what the Lord wants and I will do the best I can.

Work continues to chug along here in Libia. We found a young woman who will soon be baptized. Her husband is an inactive member, but she started listening to the testimonies of her family and started reading the Book of Mormon. She has felt very strongly the spirit of the Lord, and wants to be baptized as soon as possible... WHEW! Well I guess that goes to show you that really we just go out and find the people that are already ready. As long as their hearts are really open the spirit will come and testify. I’m glad for my companion too. His first week, and already we have lots of people interested in the gospel!