Sunday, May 1, 2011


April 25, 2011

Thank you so much for your messages you send me every week. It really lets me know that the Lord has blessed me so much in so very many ways. It helps me be able to testify even more boldly that I know these things are true. I am so thankful for this time here! It was a wonderful Easter, well Pascua, for us down here as well. I was able to give a talk in church on the message of the April Liahona called Always Remember Him by Elder Christofferson. It was a great opportunity for me to see how I can better remember the Savior always. I think that is my favorite phrase from the Sacrament Prayer. It really is the reason for everything. Remembering Him and His mission, and His sacrifice. I love Him. This past week was the best we’ve had yet here in La Paloma, and probably one of the best on my mission. I finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish, having marked all the references to heart. I highly recommend you all do so. It really helped me realize a couple of REALLY important things. I won’t tell you because it might not be the same for you, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Now I’m reading it again, marking every reference to Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the End, The Gospel, or the Doctrine of Christ. It so far has been also very enlightening. I’m reading it in English this time. I think I’ve decided I’m just always going to read the Book of Mormon, even when I’m studying other scriptures, which are also VERY important. :)

We had a little visit from President Da Silva this week, in what was probably my last interview with him before, well... let’s just say June. It was great. I love talking to him. He reminded me that most of the Savior’s finest and most tender moments were in the last week of His mortal ministry. He counseled me, much as you all have done, to work as hard as I can till the end. It’s funny, because I really don’t want to stop working. I just go and do it. Of course there are times when I get tired and would love to lay down or take it easy. But then I think of whose work this is and I just have to keep at it!

Church was AWESOME! We had 4 investigators in church! Angel came, but his wife was a little under the weather. He LOVED it! They seem to be fine for their upcoming baptism for the 7th of May. I’ll let you know about that. They are such a sweet couple. They have opened up a whole lot to us and I have just grown to love them. That happens all the time! The other three who came were an investigator who has come to church for a LONG time but her husband doesn’t want to marry her. He came to church with her! Quite the miracle! We’ll see what comes! Also, a cousin of a member came. It was great. The little church house was filled to the brim with visitors and people. Well, I gotta go. Lots to do! Lots to DO! As one of my BYU professors used to say. Keep the FAITH! I LOVE YOU!!!!

A Foot in Brazil

April 18, 2011

It was a really fun week this past week. To start things off, I have officially crossed the border and visited Brazil! We had a district meeting in a town called Chuy. The border cuts right through the middle of the town on the main street. (Border protection is not so tight here.) After the meeting, we had a little of time to kill before the bus left, so we went and explored a tiny bit. We all went and bought some Guaraná (a really tasty soda) and some tang with some really interesting flavors. If we ever go again, I’ll have to take a picture by a sign that says Brazil. It was pretty cool, and interesting to hear full blown Portuguese. The closest I ever got was in Melo my first area listening to the television that the people watched. Like someone once said, Portuguese is like speaking in Spanish while sucking on a piece of candy. They weren’t very far off! Other than that, we had some really cool experiences with some of our investigators. We have lost a few, but we continue to have faith and push forward. This woman named René came to church. She is about 70 or so, and we are teaching her husband Angel. They both accepted a baptismal date after a couple of attempts. It was a MIRACLE! But Sunday came. Friday it had rained and it wasn’t the summer warm rain. It was the cold rain! Saturday, like today, was a perfect day. We were excited that many were going to come to church. Then we woke up Sunday morning to a cold and windy rain storm...Needless to say I was kind of bummed. But, as promised, we went out before church to pick up René to go to church with her. My comp’s bike tire popped. We went back and borrowed another bike from Elder Hegerhorst. We called René. She was ready and waiting so we went flying. We got all wet and muddy (she lives in kind of a campy part of La Paloma.) We got there, and she said, ¨I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk with you guys.¨ We got a little nervous. Then Angel said, ¨I’ll call a taxi! ¨ It was awesome! We went to church. Even though there were only about 15 people due to the rain, it was a great meeting. She really enjoyed it and is excited to get baptized! Angel, even though he didn’t come, will probably not be too far behind. So that was our little wet adventure. One of the many of the mission! :)Well, we just felt so tired, but so happy. I love this work. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it has helped me realize what is most important. I love these people. Thanks for all your love and support. I love you all SO much!