Monday, June 13, 2011

Knockin Off My Best Two Years

Hola from Montevideo. I had to come to have an interview with President Da Silva. We are waiting to head back to La Paloma, and will be heading back tomorrow morning after saying goodbye to a few people. These past few weeks have been I think some of the most challenging and emotionally stressful for me, but the Lord has really blessed us. I am so happy and content right now. I know I have done my best and have given my all. I love Uruguay and I know that this is the work of the Lord.
We had an AMAZING zone conference this past week. It was with three zones. Trienta y Tres, Rocha, and Melo. The same church building where I had my first zone conference with Elder Bowen of the Seventy. This time Elder Foster came, one of the counselors in the area presidency. He complemented the mission on the amazing progress it has had over the past years, and talked a lot about who we are and that Our Heavenly Father KNOWS us by our own name. He shared a very tender story about a man named Joseph Millet. I encourage you to look it up. It brought tears to my eyes. He talked about a day when the work will progress so much that the members will be doing the mission work, and the missionaries will simply teach. It was quite the meeting.
Although we weren’t able to get another baptism in La Paloma, we continue to progress in the area. We are no longer allowed to use bikes in the mission. A missionary had quite a spill and in another mission, I guess there was a fatal accident. Sooo..... no more bikes. That makes things a little interesting for La Paloma. Oh well, Elder Castillo will surely adapt. We already have begun to do so. Angel is doing great. His wife RenĂ© has started to come back to church again. That was a great miracle. She wants to get baptized, but she is elderly and wants to wait till the warmer weather comes..... figures..... :) It’s alright. We continue to be patient with her and we have been finding a few other families to teach. We met this family Rudy and Rosario. (Great name right?) They are pretty great people. They have been planning to come to church these past few weeks but there is always something that impedes them. Their family has been in town. They said next week for sure they will be coming. I hope so. That would be great to have another family coming to the branch.
Well, I think I am starting to see that the work will just go on without me. I was thinking a lot that I’m really just being called off to another place to serve the Lord. Even though I know that I will never again be able to serve in this capacity, you never know... I can still serve just as faithfully and willingly. This mission really has been the best two years of my life. I have never sacrificed more for anything in my whole life. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.
I am looking forward to seeing you all again, and I have really come to see the things that REALLY are important. I have changed so very much, but more importantly I am so happy to have helped other people to change as well. I testify that Christ loves us. Our Heavenly Father listens to and answers our prayers. HE loves us. I know it. I know they answered the prayer of a fourteen year old boy in 1820. I love them. I love you all. See you on Thursday, but until then, as always, KEEP THE FAITH!
Love your son and missionary,
Elder Boyce

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