Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Forward

May 2, 2011

Changes came and my companion and I are staying together. So this will be my last assignment as senior companion. I’m really glad we are staying together another change. We really have a lot more we can learn together. It’s been a huge learning experience. I really love my companion Elder Castillo. He is such a hard worker. We’ve been finding a whole lot of people to teach. Now it’s just a matter of organizing ourselves and moving forward. The baptism set for the 7th is looking pretty good now. Rene and Angel came together to church on Sunday and they loved it! The Elder’s Quorum president was sick in bed, so I had to give the class in Elder’s Quorum, then in Gospel Principles. It was quite a handful, but thankfully we are always teaching. Although sometimes I still feel like I have a LOT to learn about being a good teacher. It requires a LOT of patience, love, and not trying to teach all you know on the subject. The spirit must guide our words, and those listening must feel his presence and be able to find the inspiration they need to answer heaven sent questions. It’s a difficult process, but very very powerful. I love what D&C 50 says about this process. I hope I can get better at that! Rene is super excited about the baptism. Angel as well, but he’s fighting against smoking. He quit for good on Sunday, so we are going tonight to visit them to see how he’s progressing and help him to progress. I love him a lot. He was quite a miracle. He ended up knowing a whole bunch of people at church. We have a few other families we are trying to help. The more this work continues, the more I see that if we want to reach the Lord’s expectations, the members and missionaries have to work 100% together. That’s probably something we really want to improve upon here. The members are really willing, they just need some guidance! It’s starting to get really cold down here. Especially with our proximity to the coast. Last night there was a huge wind storm and the ocean was going nuts! I thought a title wave was going to come and wash us away! No just kidding!

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